Short course: DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOL AND BUSINESS ETIQUETTE on 22-25 Feb. 2017 at DCCF-Dar es Salaam

The Economic Diplomacy – Training Academy in collaboration with Protocol and Etiquette Bureau, and Africa Management Development Centre -ACBF South Africa would like to invite you/your staffs to attend DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOL AND BUSINESS ETIQUETTE short courses which will be held at Dar es salaam Convention Centre Facilities, from 09:30 – 16:30.

Targeted Participants:This practical-oriented short course training is designed for mid-level and senior officials from private and public sectors and all those who are engaged in various types of Protocol related activities. Participants will be equipped with tactics, analytical and practical skills of the management of Protocol

FACILITATORS: The TEAM of facilitators will be led by formal Protocol Chief, Ambassador Nielsen L. M.


DATE:   22 – 25 Feb. 2017    


VENUE: DCCF – DAR ES SALAAM     TIME: 09:00 – 16:30     



  1. Introduction to Diplomacy
  2. Personal diplomacy and corporate diplomacy
  3. Protocol: Order of precedence, seniority,
  4. Role and Quality of good protocol officer/ Practitioner
  5. Introduction: titles and forms of address in various occasion/events
  6. Diplomatic and Business etiquette
  7. Dress Codes
  8. Table manner/ Dinning Etiquette
  9. Sitting arrangement and planning table seating
  10. Types of Visits , ceremonies and Attending Business events
  11. Appropriate diplomatic behavior at official functions
  12. Treating and handling VIP and Delegates in various occasion

and events


Discussion, simulations and Practical issues

FEES: 490,000/= which also covers Breakfast, Lunch and Stationeries and Certificate awarding ceremony

Payment A/C:2361 000 1369 NMB    A/C NAME: Economic Diplomacy – Training (Please Pay before deadline)

Herein attached are the short courses and training programme.
I hope to see you/your staffs during the training.
NOTE: (January – Much in-house OFFER) on-demand in-house training fee is 1,800,000/= for a group of 10 -15 participants
Lucas Jackson
Training and Operation
The Economic Diplomacy -Training Academy
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