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The benefit of today’s world of economy diplomacy is now driven by knowledge-intensive industries, agencies and organizations from both private and public sector. The term "knowledge-intensive" is increasingly subsuming cross - cuttingly. It is knowledge that confers competitive advantage in today’s economy diplomacy. Our tagline for quality diplomatic training reflects our commitment to being the best knowledge partner our clients can find for their diplomatic training needs

We offers professional expertise and a deep wealth of knowledge about international relations and Economic Diplomacy. Building upon over a decade of experience delivering focused, relevant, competence needs-based training, our expertise is used to create customized and executive training programmes that support our clients.

In every training program, facilitation is always led by our team of senior academicians and Ambassadors, career Diplomats and experts to creates competence -based effective, scalable, and engaging learning solutions

Welcome Note

 We are passionate about delivering the best custom training and development solutions to help your organization achieve its business goals and objectives. Working and Partnering with us fills in your organization’s gaps, as well as improves your bench strength which results in a relevant, rich and compelling solution.

We take a collaborative approach to create a tailored strategy for success. Our goal is to partner with you to assess, envision, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions, Using state-of-the-art methodologies and strategies to delivers flexible and comprehensive training services for your needs.

Through our Diplomatic MasterClass training Courses, Diplomatic Training short courses and Executive tailor-made Diplomatic training Programmes as well as outreach programs, the Academy promotes interest in and understanding of the indispensability of diplomacy to the most challenging problems facing our foreign and national security interests.

We offers professional expertise and a deep wealth of knowledge, committed to be the best knowledge partner our clients can find for their quality diplomatic training need for mutually sustainable social economic development

Lucas Jackson
      — Director of Training and Operation



Training programs

Full-time MasterClass

Designed to individuals who wish to develop and pursue their professional career in Diplomacy to enable them handle competitively and competently their daily activities and duties…

In-house Tailored made

Customized training enables our partners to choose from a wide range of themes, propose innovative workshop combinations, request organizing a course or training that is not currently offered…

Diplomatic training course

Delivering Diplomatic Training and short courses since its inception, and these courses are practical face-to-face learning provided through executive style training…