What we do best


We are passionate in delivering practical oriented diplomatic short course training and development solutions to help your organization achieve its business goals and objectives. Working and Partnering with us fills in your organization’s gaps, as well as improves your bench strength which results in a relevant, rich and compelling solution.

Economic Diplomacy Consultants provides the critical external vantage point to maximize the outcomes of these shifting complex scenarios. We help you identify and execute innovative ways to transform complexities into true competitive advantages.

  1. Economic diplomacy practices,
  2. Diplomatic Protocol and etiquette,
  3. Conflict resolution and management
  4. Governance, Policy and legal framework,
  5. Public Relations and strategic communication
  6. Strategic studies

Why you should Choose Us?

Our team of professionals provides quality diplomatic Short course training (including tailor-made), research and consultancy. We offer unparalleled expertise with innovative leadership to address critical challenges in both event-driven and long-term scenarios.

The team of professionals deliver competence-based and practical oriented Short course training from their rich experience that clients may rely on, whether vertical market or cross-discipline. Our solutions are practical and sustainable.