Who we are

All about Economic Diplomacy Consultants

The group of senior academicians and retired ambassadors and career diplomats, experts as well as leaders who constitute resource team of the Economic Diplomacy Training Academy, represent a unique wealth of talent (practitioners who have dealt with the toughest of real world issues for decades) dedicated to the core mission of strengthening Economic diplomacy practices and provide competence and practical oriented short courses.

The Economic Diplomacy Training Academy and Consultants was established to offer competence based and practical oriented short course training and consultancy in contemporary emerging markets. The role of the management is to ensure smooth provision and audit quality of the short course training and consultancy.

Efficient organization and administration of the consultancy activities has a vital role in the perception of quality by the clients. The role of the Economic Diplomacy Consultant’s Management is to ensure efficiency and to audit quality so as to establish a high reputation for the delivery of consultancy services.

Economic Diplomacy Consultants overall objective is to streamline and efficiently coordinate consultancy, contracted research and Diplomatic Training.


Lucas Jackson

Director of Training and Operation

Chris Michael

Tailor Made Courses - Training Expert

Laura Li

MasterClass - Training Expert

Paul Bill

Diplomatic Training Expert

Our Mission

To continuously provide quality diplomatic short course training and consultancy for mutually sustainable socio-economic development

Andrew Jackson

Our Vision

To be the leading institute in providing outstanding quality diplomatic short course training and Consultancy in emerging markets and leading organizations

Our Core Values

Our vibrant and unique corporate personality is defined and guided by the following values:-

1. Integrity is fundamental to all that we do.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and mutual respect in our internal and external relationships.

2. Innovation

We value above all our ability to serve our clients by constantly offering training programs and consultancy services.

3. A passion for client-focused and creative solutions.

We are well placed to meet or even exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

4. A commitment to the highest standards.

We pioneer economic diplomacy as an independent field and we remain committed to provide practical oriented training and consultancy.

5. Building and maintaining long-term relationships.

As we treasure the long-term relationships with our clients, we invest in a strategic understanding of each client’s business in order to meet our clients’ expectations and anticipate their changing needs.

6. Quality and Excellence

We maintain superior performance in communications, standards, processes, planning, programs and execution. Our team of experts comprises of retired Ambassadors, career diplomats, Experts and senior academicians.

7. Corporate culture and tailor-made Diplomatic Programs

Our corporate culture emphasizes the importance of the high standards and quality diplomatic training, in-house training programs, contracted research and consultancy.

The Resource Team

Our resource team of outsourced fellows, senior academicians, retired ambassadors, career diplomats and other related experts represent a wealth of dedicated and talented practitioners who have had the required knowledge and practical skills from their wide academic background and long career services of more than Twenty (20) years. Our goal is not only to address challenges but also to deliver sustainable solutions that range from the immediate to the long term.

Policy statement on Outsourcing experts

In area of our legal mandate, the Economic Diplomacy Training Academy and Consultants may enter into partnership, affiliation or any arrangement for sharing profits, common interests or co-operation, knowledge and education with any willing person, institute or company carrying on a business which this institute is legally authorized to carry on, or any business transaction being conducted directly or indirectly to benefit our institute for mutual and sustainable development

Code of Honor

Our code of honor lays down the rules of behavior adopted by Economic Diplomacy Training Academy and Consultants aiming at building sound relationship to ensuring that we remain reliable provider of Diplomatic training and consultancy.

The Economic Diplomacy Training Academy Code of Honor:-

  1. We put mission 1st, team 2nd, individual 3rd.
  2. We do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission and set high standards.
  3. We do what we say and hold ourselves to account.
  4. We recognize all contributors. We celebrate all wins and keep going for more wins.

Client Charter

The clients of Economic Diplomacy consultants and Economic Diplomacy Training Academy have the right to receive the highest standards of report quality and service from us. As our client, you can expect the Economic Diplomacy Training Academy team to:-

  1. Deliver the highest quality diplomatic training
  2. Offer the greatest value for your training needs and consulting project.
  3. Protect and advance your interests in all that we do.
  4. Be innovative and resourceful in developing solutions that meet your specific needs.
  5. Effectively protect all your confidential information.
  6. Employ methodologies and processes that ensure a high level of intellectual rigor and guarantee reliable and relevant results.
  7. Respond promptly to your communications
  8. Communicate any difficulties that we foresee in delivering on specific aspects of your training needs and consulting project up-front.
  9. Constantly seek and act on your feedback as we strive to improve our service and anticipate your future needs