Master Class


Diplomatic MasterClass training Course Programmes of Economic Diplomacy Training Academy has been designed to individuals who wish to develop and pursue their professional career in Diplomacy to enable them handle competitively and competently their daily activities and duties. Participants will be equipped with tactics, fundamental art, skills, knowledge, analytical and skills of the management of various duties and assignments.


These training has proven to increase a company's success rate in reducing employee turnover, increasing employee job satisfaction and competence as well as building carreer in diplomacy.



Full-time Master Class

Training Courses

  1. International Protocol MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  2. International Business etiquette, Protocol and Media Relation MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  3. Public relations MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  4. Public speaking MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  5. Stress management MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  6. Public Diplomacy MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  7. Protocol and Media Relation MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  8. Conflict resolution ( Negotiation ) MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  9. Conflict resolution ( Mediations ) MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  10. Conflict resolution ( Economic and natural resources ) MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  1. Conflict resolution ( Employment and Labour Relations ) MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  2. Diplomatic communication skills and etiquette MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  3. Economic Diplomacy MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  4. Trade and investment promotion MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  5. Conference Diplomacy MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  6. Business negotiation MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  7. International Protocol & Etiquette intended for Personal Assistants and Secretaries MasterClass (ONE WEEK)
  8. International Protocol Intended for International Organisations Staff MasterClass (ONE WEEK)

Training Programs